Please remain courteous to security marshals.

All marshals, recognizable by their yellow bibs, are volunteers who have for duty to ensure your safety. The rally headquarters is always in radio contact with all marshals and officials on stages. We request you to follow all safety precautions, including not move to prohibited areas for spectators. Stay a fair distance from the road - on a snow bank or an entry - to make sure a vehicle loosing control can not reach you. If our volunteers feel that a portion of the crowd does not behave safely, Headquarters could be forced to cancel the stage.

The organizers can not foresee everything especially with regards to the safety of your children. Although drivers are highly qualified, a mechanical failure can happen without warning. Please always keep an eye on your child.

When you spectate in a special stage of the Rallye Perce-Neige de Maniwaki, you will be standing on a private property of a resident. These owners agree that their lands are occupied by fans. We rely on your sense of civility to protect property, trees and shrubs and other signs.

Finally, we invite you to retrieve all your trash when you leave any location. Unfortunately melting snow in the spring will show your waste.

Enjoy spectatoring!

The 2019 Rallye Perce-Neige Committee